MP3: Sherwood Sandstone Provision

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Nottinghamshire Minerals Local Plan Publication Version

Representation ID: 264

Received: 11/10/2019

Respondent: Tarmac

Agent: Heaton Planning Ltd

Legally compliant? No

Sound? No

Duty to co-operate? No

Representation Summary:

The LAA recognises the high level of export to markets outside the County due to limited
resources elsewhere. As per comments on sand and gravel, there is a need where resource
exists to maintain production and operating capacity to meet demand. The Plan should
identify appropriate extensions to existing operations or new sites to meet demand.
Identified demand based on sales is a minimum requirement of the Plan and there should be
flexibility built into the Plan to allow sites to come forward. The plan should address
anticipated demand from outside of the County. As per comments on Policy MP2 an
additional criteria regarding modest extensions should be included to ensure flexibility in the
Plan and to allow the continued supply of Sherwood Sandstone which is not just important
within Nottinghamshire.
The Plan should recognise the unique properties of the sand as well as markets. Colour
variances as well as properties of the sand are also important factors and therefore
additional reserves (as allocations or new sites) should not solely be based upon estimated
demand based on sales figures.

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