Pre- Submission Draft Waste Local Plan

Ended on the 11 October 2023

2. Scope of the New Nottinghamshire and Nottingham Waste Local Plan

(3)2.1. The main theme of the Waste Plan is the promotion of sustainable development and achieving the highest quality waste management facilities, where possible. It contains the following:

  • An overview of the County and City and a description of existing and future needs for recycling and waste facilities based on our waste needs assessment.
  • A long-term Vision for waste and Strategic Objectives, showing how the Vision will be achieved.
  • Strategic Policies covering how we will provide for new recycling and waste facilities.
  • Development Management Policies which provide the detailed criteria against which future waste development proposals will be assessed such as environmental impacts and standards and guidance about how planning applications for waste development in Nottinghamshire and Nottingham will be assessed.
  • How the plan will be Monitored and Implemented.

Replacing existing waste policies

2.2. This Waste Local Plan will replace the existing saved policies contained in the adopted Waste Local Plan, (January 2002) and Nottinghamshire and Nottingham Replacement Waste Local Plan: Part 1 - Waste Core Strategy (December 2013).

Supporting Documents

(1)2.3. The Nottinghamshire and Nottingham Waste Local Plan is supported by a series of documents include the following:

Authority Monitoring Reports
These reports are produced annually and show how the County and City Councils are progressing with preparing their Plans and how well current adopted policies are performing.

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)
Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham City each prepare a SCI to show how they will consult and engage with local people, statutory bodies and other groups during the preparation of Local Plans and on waste planning applications.

Sustainability Appraisal (SA)
The purpose of the SA is to promote sustainable development through better integration of sustainability considerations in the preparation and adoption of plans. The SA is an integral part of all stages of the preparation of the Waste Local Plan, with reports produced at each stage. This current version of the Draft Plan is accompanied by an SA Report on its policies.

Waste Needs Assessment
This assessment updates the waste needs assessment that informed the Draft Plan and has been prepared by AECOM consultants on behalf of both Councils to provide detailed information on anticipated need for waste facilities over the plan period.

How is the new Nottinghamshire and Nottingham Waste Local Plan being prepared?

Issues and Options

Consultation held on the key issues facing Nottinghamshire and Nottingham in relation to waste and what reasonable choices we have. Responses to this stage helped decide which options were taken forward.

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Draft Plan (Regulation 18)

After choosing options from the previous consultation, we consulted on a draft plan which contained policies and approaches for future waste management. Responses to this stage helped us further refine the plan.

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Pre-submission Draft and Submission (Regulation 19)

The Pre-Submission draft will be published for consultation for formal representations on the Plan. Following this we will submit our Pre-submission Draft Plan to the Government.

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This is an independent examination by a Government Appointed Inspector who will look at whether the Plan is sound and considers representations made at the submission stage. This will involve a public hearing.

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This is the final stage of the Waste Local Plan, if the Plan is found sound. The County and City Councils will adopt the final Plan, as amended through the examination, and this will then become adopted policy.


How to read this document

The following chapters share a number of common features:


This section provides the context for each of the topic/policy areas.


Policies are set out in these boxes.


This sets out in detail an explanation of the policy, including the reasons why it is needed, a justification for the approach taken and what the policy seeks to achieve.

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